2-fer-2 Tuesday

Tuesday January 7th or as I sometimes refer to it as 2-fer-2 day. Some areas in the country use that in reference to double tacos,  I say pick one thing and double it,  workouts,  double feature movies or in my case today sleep.  I was sleeping this AM before I had to get up and go to work & alakazam & God willing I will be back to sleep shortly.  As for how the day stacked up,  just the typical get up, go to work, come home & chilax boring to some, envious to others.  No run as my legs were so sore from yesterday’s run. That’s it short & sweet
~ Journey On!


Jog/Walk and I Survived

Monday January 6th, up & at’em start of a new work week.  Calendar was pretty empty to start the dayoff . Good news was,  that once the day got started the busier it got. I really like days like today productive and fast moving.  Was thinking about checking out the new gym about a mile from our house, with my throat hurting it will have to wait. I am hoping it has the equipment I would use then I can get back into running to a gym doing some weights and heading home. When Ilived in El Cajon, I was incredible shape as I several routes for running that would end up at the the gym 24hr Fitness. Didn’t get to check the gym out tonight, perhaps tomorrow.  The good news is I took Koda out for a jog/ walk this evening and did better than I expected.  I definitely could feel all that access weight I am carrying. Running in the evening is good for me because it gives me this weird feeling of blanketing my weight cause it’s dark outside. With my bear sleeping at my feet, time for me to close my eyes.
Journey On!

San Diego Wins and Losses

Sunday January 5th, woke up with a very sore throat. Todays agenda has changed and now it’s relaxing in my recliner with my new Logitech keyboard for my Galaxy Tab 3, while watching the wild card games. First up the Chargers against the Bengals. Chargers pulled the win off in Cinncinati, I think most of the country was surprised by that. Next stop Denver, can they pull off 2 wins in a season in Mile High again the odds will not be in their favor. What is great to see, Mike McCoy comes in and takes the same team to the playoffs, he goes to Clevland as Offensive Coordinator and continues losing. Perhaps its time for Norv to retire or head to the college level to regain some of his wisdom. Another win for San Diego was the #21 ranked SDSU Aztecs took on #16 Kansas Univ Jayhawks and came out victorious.  Next wild catd game was the 49’ers at Green Bay. The game was close and playing in -0 degree including windchill made it low scoring, but in the end, and I do mean end the 49’ers pulled out the win.  Sadly the day ends with a loss for the city of San Diego, long time Padre announce Jerry Coleman passed away at the age of 89.  His famous catch phrase of  ” You can hang a star on that one” will live on forever.
~Journey On!

Audio Books

Saturday January 4th, I have been listening to audio books particularly Carol Burnett’s Carrie and Me: A Mother- Daughter Love Story, the way it was written gave me an idea on how to write my journey. What an amazing story, learning even stars have their own personal tragedies. Like the rest of the world, Saturday nights were spent in front of the tv watching The Carol Burnett show with my brother and dad. A guaranteed hour of filled with laughter, and upon occasion like the rest of the cast, laughing enough to bring me to tears thanks to the comedy antics of Tim Conway. Thanks to that show I learned that I wanted to make people laugh, and get involved with drama clubs in school, but I digress…
I decided to cancel my website called WorkingOutWright, I can’t really keep a website focusing on health and fitness if for over a year I haven’t done anything. I did keep my personal website but am thinking of changing it from Kelzwright.com to kelzjourney.com more realistic that could drive more traffic.
Today was massage day, one of 2 days a month I enjoy. I go for the deep tissue, today was extra tough and with each deep pressured I kept hearing my dad say no pain no gain. It hurts but when it’s done I feel so much better. The night ended with me snuggled up to my hubby & DigTDawgs watching Star Trek. Life is good when that happens.
~Journey On

Work From Home Friday

Friday, January 3, at last, the week has come to an end. I spent the day WFH, Work From Home, as I had meetings from 8am to past noon. As I suspected, the holidays are over so work is beginning to build steam. WFH has it’s perks, I get to share office space with 3 amazing co-workers, Koda, Kiya & Maggie, my DigTDawgs. The day passed rather quickly, as there was lots to do, was looking forward to Friday night dinner with my hubby. Tonight my hubby & I enjoyed Curbside from Outback, a little something for all when we eat from there, and when I say all I mean the DigT’s get some bonus fixings with their dinner. After dinner, we spent the evening in my husbands office, for Christmas I bought him a fold out lounger so we watched, Monk, Criminal Minds & 20/20. I was fighting the sleepeez so I headed to be to spend time blogging, and catching up on my social media fills. Time for this gal to shut her eyes, going to try & get up early to do a workout – followed by spa day..

~ Journey on

Back To The Grind

January 2nd well back to work I go,  it’s not like I was coming back from a real vacation just one day to enjoy the new year with the rest of the world. That is just how it is when your a contractor or is that a consultant either way no work no pay.  Today started in typical fashion husband wakes me up early to get ready for work,  take care of my kids, my sweet DigTDawgs,  then log in get some work done. Pool maitenance day and I was on a business call. I remembered I needed to pay the service so I quickly found myc checkbook & filled it out.  Once the meeting was over out I ran, ” Hey Keith, Happy New Year” Keith is a good guy, he return the greeting “Happy New Year,  my wife is pregnant with triplets”, I thought to myself ‘ooookay’ “Congratulations”,  I responded. “Yeah,  I’m 43, instead of one I get three,  I would of been happy with one, but it’s awesome”  “See you in two weeks”  he finished with.  Once he drove away I packed up my gear and headed into the office to finish my day. I wouldn’t classify my job as A lister beverly hills, Hollywood work,  although my dream would be to star or guest star in a comedy., I work in I.T, information technology, where some days depending on the company,  is like staring in a comedy.  No I work in QA, we’re the group that test the software before it’s released to the consumers for use. I love my work as a Program coordinator in QA and thrilled to be in this line of work.  Once the work day was over I had errands to run, medicine pickup for my pug & chow, & samwhiches for dinner. There was a nice change to our regular routine of getting home, changing into our jammers, we actually changed into workout gear and took Koda & Kiya for a walk.  6 months ago that was a regular routine for me, then I had minor health scare & stopped,  this wasa good start to get me going again. We returned home, got comfortable in our jammers & settled in for Thursday night, what my dad used to call it ‘boob-tube’ watching. Thursday night line up is over, now I’m settled in bed surrounded by my ‘DigT’s’ jotting down the days events. All in all,  I would classify this day 4 out of five stars.

Journey On ~

New Day – New Journey

Happy New Year! Today not only is a new day, but it’s a new day of the new year, I can only say that once every year. Someone asked me what would you say to yourself to prepare for 2014. I thought wow that was good.  So let me give that a whirl.. “Welcome to 2014 Kelz, time to start moving and shaking girl. This is a new year, listen to me, know that this year will be filled with ups and downs. You will have to face good and bad days, that is what life is about. Focus on your journey, that is what this year is all about, whatever you choose to write and share don’t be afraid, remember your feelings no matter what they are, don’t be afraid to publish it. Last thing I will say is trust your heart – follow your heart, you are getting older which means life is getting shorter. Life in 2014 can only be what you want it to be. Go get get’em – you got this.”

Great advice so let’s do this. Today was a good day. As last year ended I hated leaving the house on my days off. As one that battles a weight problem, I always think that people will look at us and judge why he is with such a fat unattractive women. However today,  I took a bold step, no pun intended, and spent the afternoon out with my husband. We had lunch at a favorite restaurant /bar of ours Native New Yorker. Great conversation dealing around video editing. I didn’t focus on others, I focused on us. Something I need to do more of in 2014.. We walked about around an outdoor mall, and then headed home. He was so sweet, he made us breakfast for dinner. Sometimes those are the best dinners and did the dishes. Happy New Years to me. Goodbye day 1 of 2014 – thanks for making today a good memory.

Journey On!