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Oscar Night Has Arrived

Sunday March 2, 2014
Oscar Sunday has arrived, I know this sounds dorkish or nerdish, but I enjoy watching the Oscar and it’s pre-arrival festivities. I would love to be the person that can say I have seen every movie and be able to speak on it intelligently, but I can’t. What I do enjoy is waiting in anticipation for stars to arrive, not so much to see who they are wearing but to see who shows up. Then finally the show will begin and it’s always fun to see what the host has planned as an intro as well as the interaction with the audience, aka, stars. Last year I was ‘Greatly’ disappointed in Seth McFarland, as was the academy which my guess is why they reached out to Ellen to see if she would like to host again, as she can bring back the viewers. Let the countdown begin.. Workout completed, menu in our household ready… Bring it home Ellen!


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