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4th Annual Alumni Braves Basketball Game

Total excited on several levels, I received my gift to myself birthday present of the Fitbit Force. Looking forward to it helping me track my goals to losing weight and getting ‘Fit’ to be ready for the, drum-roll please {brrrrrummmmmmdummmmrrmmmm} 4th Annual Alumni Braves Basketball game in June. This will mark my 3rd year of participation. It’s a fun time getting together with alumni, catching up on lives and seeing how old we really are on the court. Our bodies say we are in our 40’s + but our hearts say we are young-ins. Last year we had very newbie alumni join the game. Nothing says oh yeah I am old than playing against teens and twenties ~ ouchie mama. I have 3 months to make some headway into my weight-loss goals. I am so inspired I started a group within the Fitbit community WorkingOutWright looking for members to help motivate not only myself but others. If you are reading this and have a FitBit please come and check out the group.
Off to start tracking my progress – it all starts with walking and goes on from there.
~Journey On!


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