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Life Is It About Settling & Accepting

Sunday January 12th… Sunday and I am starting to slip on my new year’s resolution as I missed posting for 3 days. Spent the afternoon and evening watching Golden Globes stuff as the San Diego Chargers were spiraling out of the playoffs. Figured watching something other than football would be less stressful leaving me less annoyed. The greatest success of the evening is focusing on the TV and less on me. OK that’s not true as the night progressed, I did focus on me. Today is one of those not so pleasant days, today was a day of looking at the negatives of myself and wondering if there would be any positives. Primarily my focus fell on my weight and wondering if my life would ever get better than where I am. I mean really, I spent another night, in another room doing my thing while my husband is in his office, doing his thing. Never the two paths shall cross. Seriously, in my world I wonder all that time, is this what growing older is all about, settling and accepting.  Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day and thinks will fall back into alignment. 

~Journey On!


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