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My Poor Pug-a-Boo

Wednesday January 8th, another up early,  login for another busy morning of meetings before heading into the office, I don’t mind because I really like what I am doing, the company is good all as the folks I work for & with.  On a personal note my pug Maggie seems to be getting worse everyday. She really can’t walk but a few steps now, and then she has to sit down. The steroids she is on really doesn’t seem to have any effect on her anymore. With every move she makes she sounds like it’s’ a struggle and painful.  When either my husband or I pick her up we can feel the brittleness of her bones and she makes this unpleasant sound of like it’s a bit unbearable.  She still has a healthy appetite, but that could be the steroids.  Tomorrow I will have to make a call to our vet to do a check on her.  Breaks my heart to see and sense how miserable she is.  Not much occuring post work,  we seem to be falling back into old habits of nothingness.  Looking forward to tomorrow night,  I start bowling in a league. This is new, never league bowled before, and haven’t bowled in over 6 years.
~Journey On


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