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Jog/Walk and I Survived

Monday January 6th, up & at’em start of a new work week.  Calendar was pretty empty to start the dayoff . Good news was,  that once the day got started the busier it got. I really like days like today productive and fast moving.  Was thinking about checking out the new gym about a mile from our house, with my throat hurting it will have to wait. I am hoping it has the equipment I would use then I can get back into running to a gym doing some weights and heading home. When Ilived in El Cajon, I was incredible shape as I several routes for running that would end up at the the gym 24hr Fitness. Didn’t get to check the gym out tonight, perhaps tomorrow.  The good news is I took Koda out for a jog/ walk this evening and did better than I expected.  I definitely could feel all that access weight I am carrying. Running in the evening is good for me because it gives me this weird feeling of blanketing my weight cause it’s dark outside. With my bear sleeping at my feet, time for me to close my eyes.
Journey On!


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