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San Diego Wins and Losses

Sunday January 5th, woke up with a very sore throat. Todays agenda has changed and now it’s relaxing in my recliner with my new Logitech keyboard for my Galaxy Tab 3, while watching the wild card games. First up the Chargers against the Bengals. Chargers pulled the win off in Cinncinati, I think most of the country was surprised by that. Next stop Denver, can they pull off 2 wins in a season in Mile High again the odds will not be in their favor. What is great to see, Mike McCoy comes in and takes the same team to the playoffs, he goes to Clevland as Offensive Coordinator and continues losing. Perhaps its time for Norv to retire or head to the college level to regain some of his wisdom. Another win for San Diego was the #21 ranked SDSU Aztecs took on #16 Kansas Univ Jayhawks and came out victorious.  Next wild catd game was the 49’ers at Green Bay. The game was close and playing in -0 degree including windchill made it low scoring, but in the end, and I do mean end the 49’ers pulled out the win.  Sadly the day ends with a loss for the city of San Diego, long time Padre announce Jerry Coleman passed away at the age of 89.  His famous catch phrase of  ” You can hang a star on that one” will live on forever.
~Journey On!


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