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Audio Books

Saturday January 4th, I have been listening to audio books particularly Carol Burnett’s Carrie and Me: A Mother- Daughter Love Story, the way it was written gave me an idea on how to write my journey. What an amazing story, learning even stars have their own personal tragedies. Like the rest of the world, Saturday nights were spent in front of the tv watching The Carol Burnett show with my brother and dad. A guaranteed hour of filled with laughter, and upon occasion like the rest of the cast, laughing enough to bring me to tears thanks to the comedy antics of Tim Conway. Thanks to that show I learned that I wanted to make people laugh, and get involved with drama clubs in school, but I digress…
I decided to cancel my website called WorkingOutWright, I can’t really keep a website focusing on health and fitness if for over a year I haven’t done anything. I did keep my personal website but am thinking of changing it from Kelzwright.com to kelzjourney.com more realistic that could drive more traffic.
Today was massage day, one of 2 days a month I enjoy. I go for the deep tissue, today was extra tough and with each deep pressured I kept hearing my dad say no pain no gain. It hurts but when it’s done I feel so much better. The night ended with me snuggled up to my hubby & DigTDawgs watching Star Trek. Life is good when that happens.
~Journey On


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