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Work From Home Friday

Friday, January 3, at last, the week has come to an end. I spent the day WFH, Work From Home, as I had meetings from 8am to past noon. As I suspected, the holidays are over so work is beginning to build steam. WFH has it’s perks, I get to share office space with 3 amazing co-workers, Koda, Kiya & Maggie, my DigTDawgs. The day passed rather quickly, as there was lots to do, was looking forward to Friday night dinner with my hubby. Tonight my hubby & I enjoyed Curbside from Outback, a little something for all when we eat from there, and when I say all I mean the DigT’s get some bonus fixings with their dinner. After dinner, we spent the evening in my husbands office, for Christmas I bought him a fold out lounger so we watched, Monk, Criminal Minds & 20/20. I was fighting the sleepeez so I headed to be to spend time blogging, and catching up on my social media fills. Time for this gal to shut her eyes, going to try & get up early to do a workout – followed by spa day..

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