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Back To The Grind

January 2nd well back to work I go,  it’s not like I was coming back from a real vacation just one day to enjoy the new year with the rest of the world. That is just how it is when your a contractor or is that a consultant either way no work no pay.  Today started in typical fashion husband wakes me up early to get ready for work,  take care of my kids, my sweet DigTDawgs,  then log in get some work done. Pool maitenance day and I was on a business call. I remembered I needed to pay the service so I quickly found myc checkbook & filled it out.  Once the meeting was over out I ran, ” Hey Keith, Happy New Year” Keith is a good guy, he return the greeting “Happy New Year,  my wife is pregnant with triplets”, I thought to myself ‘ooookay’ “Congratulations”,  I responded. “Yeah,  I’m 43, instead of one I get three,  I would of been happy with one, but it’s awesome”  “See you in two weeks”  he finished with.  Once he drove away I packed up my gear and headed into the office to finish my day. I wouldn’t classify my job as A lister beverly hills, Hollywood work,  although my dream would be to star or guest star in a comedy., I work in I.T, information technology, where some days depending on the company,  is like staring in a comedy.  No I work in QA, we’re the group that test the software before it’s released to the consumers for use. I love my work as a Program coordinator in QA and thrilled to be in this line of work.  Once the work day was over I had errands to run, medicine pickup for my pug & chow, & samwhiches for dinner. There was a nice change to our regular routine of getting home, changing into our jammers, we actually changed into workout gear and took Koda & Kiya for a walk.  6 months ago that was a regular routine for me, then I had minor health scare & stopped,  this wasa good start to get me going again. We returned home, got comfortable in our jammers & settled in for Thursday night, what my dad used to call it ‘boob-tube’ watching. Thursday night line up is over, now I’m settled in bed surrounded by my ‘DigT’s’ jotting down the days events. All in all,  I would classify this day 4 out of five stars.

Journey On ~


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