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New Day – New Journey

Happy New Year! Today not only is a new day, but it’s a new day of the new year, I can only say that once every year. Someone asked me what would you say to yourself to prepare for 2014. I thought wow that was good.  So let me give that a whirl.. “Welcome to 2014 Kelz, time to start moving and shaking girl. This is a new year, listen to me, know that this year will be filled with ups and downs. You will have to face good and bad days, that is what life is about. Focus on your journey, that is what this year is all about, whatever you choose to write and share don’t be afraid, remember your feelings no matter what they are, don’t be afraid to publish it. Last thing I will say is trust your heart – follow your heart, you are getting older which means life is getting shorter. Life in 2014 can only be what you want it to be. Go get get’em – you got this.”

Great advice so let’s do this. Today was a good day. As last year ended I hated leaving the house on my days off. As one that battles a weight problem, I always think that people will look at us and judge why he is with such a fat unattractive women. However today,  I took a bold step, no pun intended, and spent the afternoon out with my husband. We had lunch at a favorite restaurant /bar of ours Native New Yorker. Great conversation dealing around video editing. I didn’t focus on others, I focused on us. Something I need to do more of in 2014.. We walked about around an outdoor mall, and then headed home. He was so sweet, he made us breakfast for dinner. Sometimes those are the best dinners and did the dishes. Happy New Years to me. Goodbye day 1 of 2014 – thanks for making today a good memory.

Journey On!


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