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Goodbye 2013 – Hello 2014

As 2013 ends I say goodbye to a year that started professionally in chaos. Ending the year in a positive leaving the chaos to move on to my new job,new company. Was Leary about stepping away from management into a coordinator role but trusted The Lord had my back and has reason for me here. I love what I am doing, definetly no regrets. Personal and family life in 2013 had its positives & negatives. The small family reunion to celebrate my Mom’s birthday saw my brothers Rick, Steve & I come together 1st time in 41 years. I still missed my dad and to this day think of him daily. 2013 saw another alumni basketball game in July, always fun catching up and seeing everyone again. So there is no sadness in saying sayonara to 2013. As the sounds of the gun & fireworks ring outside signaling 2014 is almost here, I wait with baited breath on what 2014 has in store for me. Is this the year I take the bulls by the horn & run with it, only time will tell. So hello 2014 – I open my arms to embrace the glory of it all this 1st day of the new year.


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