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Follow the Yellow Brick Road to WorkingOutWright

The hardest part of working out or getting back into a routine is finding the passion and a goal to reach for. For me the passion came with my alumni basketball game, and feeling all that extra weight that I was carrying. The struggle is once again trying to defeat the yo-yo effect of dieting and working out. The end goal is to not shoot for a 1/2 marathon or triathlon – the end goal is to remove myself from a majority of the meds that I am on. The reality is we all get older, I am closing in on a half a century, life expectancies are shorter now. Knowing what I need to do here are some keys that I will be focusing on
Healthier eating which means incorporating more
Processed sugars
Unhealthy snacks
1 x a week splurge day
Building up a consistent workout regimen
Zone training
Circuit routines (60 second intervals)
WorkingOutWright is really about life changes & commitments. It’s all about healthy choices in both what we put in our bodies as well as what we do with our bodies. Tomorrow I start as Dorothy did at the smallest point of the yellow brick road and will begin my journey to a healthier happier me

Journey On!!!!


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