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New Chapter: Regaining Life’s Balances

Life is but a novel, each laid out establishing chapters by years, events and milestone. However, like most novels one can find themselves lost in the story, trying to figure out what the heck just happened? I just finished that chapter last Friday thinking “what – the -heck- just happened to my character”, Whoooa, mind blowing. It was like getting sucked up in some tornado and landing NOT in the merry old land of Oz. Although there where plenty of characters to keep the story moving, what was missing this chapter was the real me. Needless to say I was a bit happy to see the chapter end and a new chapter begin.

Story line check, I notice that the last chapter of my life was missing a big component of who I am  WorkingOutWright. I missed running, walking my DiggityDawgs, going to the gym and even blogging. I let my professional life take over my personal life, which isn’t healthy.

The one thing I stress the most is work life balance, never allowing one to take more weight than the other. If  there has to be an out of balance it should be personal taking on more. Jobs come and go, and never should define who we are. The one constant we have in ourselves is our Personal lives. Although some change occurs it remains consistent with family and friends to keep us strong, keep us going. I did not adhere to my own philosophy and allowed my professional life to define me.

Kelly Time is about re-establishing professional vs personal life balances, and enabling me to focus on what truly is important WorkingOutWright. Time to focus on what’s important in life. First look in the mirror and say “What is important”. If the first thought has anything to do about work, there is an out of balance. Shifting the balance back may not be easy but it can be done. Now take a good long look at something that brings love to the heart, my Diggitys, that is what is important. I can feel the balance shift. Life should never be defined by who or what we do each day at work. It should be who or what we do each day as a person. Last but not least, find something you enjoy doing, crafting, working out, reading, watching a good movie and enjoy being who you are. Life is way to short to allow the stresses of this world to take over. I can feel this is going to be a very good chapter.!!!


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