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Technology – Then, Now and the Future

As I sit here wrapping my head around today’s blog post, I can’t help but thing about how far we have come with technology. I am on my laptop typing out my thoughts while streaming a movie within another web browser. Thinking back when I was a kid – this type of technology did not exist for us. I will only reflect on my youth, otherwise this blog log will be huge. The most technology we had was television, if you wanted to change the channel you got up off your butt and manually changed it. Cable was a luxury, most homes that couldn’t afford cable still ran with ‘rabbit ears’ other wise known as antenna’s on the top of their TV’s. There were I believe about 10 channels in total to choose from and some of those channels blacked out after midnight each night and return to broadcasting early morning. Radios were just becoming portable and FM was the wave of the future. By the time my era got into high school, those radio’s became so portable that you could wear it on your head. The closest similarity from yesterday to today is going from LP, records/albums to CD’s – both based on a round disk for storing/capturing music with a different quality of output. If one was inclined to learn about computers that was referred to as an elective class only offered at 6 AM. Few people attended as the thought was “Yeah right as if that would take off” who knew almost 30 years it did. Reflection says rent 2001 a Space Odyssey. that movie was made in 1968, take a look at the technology or ‘special effects’ that were created for that movie that has become a reality. 2001 – big screens to talk to people face to face, 2013 Skype application installed on computers, and mobile devices to talk to people face to face. 2001 Portable telephones – 2013 Mobile devices including phones and tablets.  I used to be in awe of what my grandparents and parents have lived through such as making the big switch from Radio to TV’s. The invention of the telephone to make a call from ones home.

Look out next generation you laugh and chuckle as we did with our elders, watch home much will change in your life time. I am excited and a bit concerned.  I love what and how technology has enriched our lives. As one who works in the technology industry, I look forward to see what it brings. 




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