Stressed, and Tired can Lead to Illnesses

Whether it is medicine, fitness, or life in general, we often overlook what we know intuitively because as a society we’ve made it “normal” to feel tired, worn out, stressed out, hungry, thirsty, sleepy, whatever your symptoms may be…but it’s not. Think about a time time that you were bursting with energy, your skin glowed and your smile went ear to ear because you had the energy, motivation, desire and positive outlook on life and all it brought to your life. We all deserve this every single day.

Even the Mayo Clinic has stated that passive patients are less likely to get well.

For over 4 months now, I have been stressed and tired, little to no energy to workout and train, constantly congested all day everyday brushing if off as it’s just allergies, getting that justified by friends and family as “it’s just that time of season” . I finally made a couple of appointments to see my doctor to either confirm with her it’s allergies or it’s something more. I figured it had to be as my recent trip to Disneyland  once I crossed the AZ/CA border suddenly the heavy allergies signs went away. Upon returning they started to show back up. In my discussions and checkups, it was determined, because I put getting this checked out for as long as I did, along with my months of lack of sleep and the massive amount of stress I have been under, my allergies gone untreated turned into Bronchitis and a sever sinus infection. I have to realize now that living in the desert I have allergies that are year round due to dust and pollution, {YAY me-UG} and need to treat it continually. So for now, instead of taking just medicine to treat my allergies,  I am on an antibiotic, a nasal spray, an inhaler, along with my thyroid and other prescribed medicines. I had to get a steroid injection {OUCHIE Mama} to start decreasing the inflammation in my body. It has been an incredibly fun day. I also am pending blood work results to determine if anything else is going on. 

Allow me to share some of the words of wisdom that was imparted on me by my doctor:

Sleep: Make sure you get enough sleep every night. 

  1. An hour  before your bedtime try the following:

  • If you are on your laptop – reduce the brightness of the screen
  • If you watch tv – Adjust the same
  • Go to dark room – listen to quiet soothing music
  • Supplement: Take a supplement called Melatonin

Stress:  Don’t allow society to dictate although it does some suggestion to remove it

  1. Find a good outlet to release stress: 

  • Seek the Lords wisdom
  • Praying and seeking the lords wisdom 
  • Handing them over to the lord
  • Exercise
    • Any form of aerobic exercise
  • Any form of anaerobic exercise
  • Massage

    2. Treat yourself to a massage once a month

  • Someone to talk to
  • Friends, spouses or significant others – 
    • a sounding board to get out: Emotions; frustrations
  • Create a journal, blog, diary
  • Vent out your emotions by writing them down

    3. Seek Medical advice, opinions and help for the following

  • Systems that linger longer than expected
  • Need help checking emotions and self

The one thing life teaches us is we need to be our own best advocate and look out for ourselves. A majority of society spends to much time and energy on caring what other people think about how we look, speak, feel. What we do, how we dress, who we interact with, With they like us, and if they don’t why? If this describes anyone – know that all those thoughts that circle around others in the big scheme of things doesn’t matter. You will be fortunate to keep a descent group l of people in your life for longer than 10 years. You will be blessed to keep a handful of friends for 20+ years. But its a true blessing when you have the Lord by your side. He is the one that will be with you always and even beyond Trust in him that he has your back. A topic easy to write – sometimes not easy to follow. Trust in those that you know that truly love you. 




Technology – Then, Now and the Future

As I sit here wrapping my head around today’s blog post, I can’t help but thing about how far we have come with technology. I am on my laptop typing out my thoughts while streaming a movie within another web browser. Thinking back when I was a kid – this type of technology did not exist for us. I will only reflect on my youth, otherwise this blog log will be huge. The most technology we had was television, if you wanted to change the channel you got up off your butt and manually changed it. Cable was a luxury, most homes that couldn’t afford cable still ran with ‘rabbit ears’ other wise known as antenna’s on the top of their TV’s. There were I believe about 10 channels in total to choose from and some of those channels blacked out after midnight each night and return to broadcasting early morning. Radios were just becoming portable and FM was the wave of the future. By the time my era got into high school, those radio’s became so portable that you could wear it on your head. The closest similarity from yesterday to today is going from LP, records/albums to CD’s – both based on a round disk for storing/capturing music with a different quality of output. If one was inclined to learn about computers that was referred to as an elective class only offered at 6 AM. Few people attended as the thought was “Yeah right as if that would take off” who knew almost 30 years it did. Reflection says rent 2001 a Space Odyssey. that movie was made in 1968, take a look at the technology or ‘special effects’ that were created for that movie that has become a reality. 2001 – big screens to talk to people face to face, 2013 Skype application installed on computers, and mobile devices to talk to people face to face. 2001 Portable telephones – 2013 Mobile devices including phones and tablets.  I used to be in awe of what my grandparents and parents have lived through such as making the big switch from Radio to TV’s. The invention of the telephone to make a call from ones home.

Look out next generation you laugh and chuckle as we did with our elders, watch home much will change in your life time. I am excited and a bit concerned.  I love what and how technology has enriched our lives. As one who works in the technology industry, I look forward to see what it brings. 



Bad Things Shouldn’t Discriminate but It Does – Learning to Trust the Lord has my Back.

 Living in today’s corporate and personal worlds is very challenging. Negativity is on the rise, and as discussed earlier, so is depression. Gone are ethics and loyalty –  2 words that went together like peanut butter and jelly, and now are as opposite as night and day. The world is all about doing what it takes to get to the top. Watch the news coverage, they focus more on those that have done bad, than those who are good, the heroes of this world. Gone are the days of hard work, trust, dedication, commitment, and loyalty actions that are associated with the good in a person.  It’s not all about the facts its all about perception of what the facts are. More and more it appears one has to be bad in this world in order to achieve the accolades and rise to the top.  

As a christian, and lord knows my faith is weak, I try to wrap my arms around why do bad things happen to good people? I am told over and over again bad doesn’t discriminate, but it is abundantly clear it does. It’s hard to stay motivated in this world if the trust is ripped out from underneath without an explanation. . It’s hard to stay motivated when the wind that sails the ships no longer blows.  Finally its even harder to stay motivated that when all the blood,sweat and tears go unappreciated or noticed.  

What can be done, is trust in the Lord and  believe that he sees the good in our hearts and souls. Continue to pray that he shows the way and has our backs.  


Peace be the journey




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