Oscar Night Has Arrived

Sunday March 2, 2014
Oscar Sunday has arrived, I know this sounds dorkish or nerdish, but I enjoy watching the Oscar and it’s pre-arrival festivities. I would love to be the person that can say I have seen every movie and be able to speak on it intelligently, but I can’t. What I do enjoy is waiting in anticipation for stars to arrive, not so much to see who they are wearing but to see who shows up. Then finally the show will begin and it’s always fun to see what the host has planned as an intro as well as the interaction with the audience, aka, stars. Last year I was ‘Greatly’ disappointed in Seth McFarland, as was the academy which my guess is why they reached out to Ellen to see if she would like to host again, as she can bring back the viewers. Let the countdown begin.. Workout completed, menu in our household ready… Bring it home Ellen!


4th Annual Alumni Braves Basketball Game

Total excited on several levels, I received my gift to myself birthday present of the Fitbit Force. Looking forward to it helping me track my goals to losing weight and getting ‘Fit’ to be ready for the, drum-roll please {brrrrrummmmmmdummmmrrmmmm} 4th Annual Alumni Braves Basketball game in June. This will mark my 3rd year of participation. It’s a fun time getting together with alumni, catching up on lives and seeing how old we really are on the court. Our bodies say we are in our 40’s + but our hearts say we are young-ins. Last year we had very newbie alumni join the game. Nothing says oh yeah I am old than playing against teens and twenties ~ ouchie mama. I have 3 months to make some headway into my weight-loss goals. I am so inspired I started a group within the Fitbit community WorkingOutWright looking for members to help motivate not only myself but others. If you are reading this and have a FitBit please come and check out the group.
Off to start tracking my progress – it all starts with walking and goes on from there.
~Journey On!

Let Saturday’s Adventure Begin

Saturday January 18th. In the infamous words of Yoda, “Up early am I hmmm-Yes”. Another crazy busy week at work has ended, and a long weekend has begun. As all of my NFL teams are no longer in the playoffs I am not sure what the day has in store for me and my DigTDawgs, perhaps get out and take some pictures in the valley of the sun,a short workout in the gym or working on my blogs and website. If one thinks about it, all those events kind of tie together, so we’ll see. Based on the how the weather has been this winter around the country, I am concerned we are in for an extremely long and hot summer starting earlier and ending later than expected so it’s best to get the picture taking done before the summer heat begins. Let the blogging begin..

~Journey On!

Voice Blogging First Time

Tuesday January 14th another day started out kinda slow with meetings and as the day progressed I started to feel sick. Two for Tuesday didn’t really pan out to have double anything. Bob went to see his mom to fix the toilet seat have dinner and take her her nicorette gum and booze. I came home to chillax with my DigTDawgs. Tonight I am trying something new and I am using voice command to write my blog. Perhaps this will be a start and help me to get used to talking into mic to start for have video blogging. Looks like my website that corrected itself 22 right IP address and if you go to kelz right.com my website actually comes up without error its the small things that make us happy. Time to go get some sleep in rest and perhaps I’ll feel better tomorrow.

~ journey on!

The Day Starts with a Bang – Ends with a Fizzle

Monday January 13 the start of a new week. The day started out busy, meeting following meetings. Of course those days are great cause time flies by. After work, not much was done for excitement other than the domestic goddess in me had to do grocery shopping. Once home I always have intentions to do some form of working out, but that falls to the waste-side when I have to cook dinner for my husband, feed the dogs, take the dogs out. By that time night is falling and in the area I live now the comfort level of I have of going out and walking, jog walking etc is very low. What occurred plopping my big booty down on the couch and watching tv. Thank you free HBO for aiding in my laziness <sigh> On to Tuesday – 2fer-Tuesday.. What will be my double pleasure???

~Journey On

Life Is It About Settling & Accepting

Sunday January 12th… Sunday and I am starting to slip on my new year’s resolution as I missed posting for 3 days. Spent the afternoon and evening watching Golden Globes stuff as the San Diego Chargers were spiraling out of the playoffs. Figured watching something other than football would be less stressful leaving me less annoyed. The greatest success of the evening is focusing on the TV and less on me. OK that’s not true as the night progressed, I did focus on me. Today is one of those not so pleasant days, today was a day of looking at the negatives of myself and wondering if there would be any positives. Primarily my focus fell on my weight and wondering if my life would ever get better than where I am. I mean really, I spent another night, in another room doing my thing while my husband is in his office, doing his thing. Never the two paths shall cross. Seriously, in my world I wonder all that time, is this what growing older is all about, settling and accepting.  Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day and thinks will fall back into alignment. 

~Journey On!

My Poor Pug-a-Boo

Wednesday January 8th, another up early,  login for another busy morning of meetings before heading into the office, I don’t mind because I really like what I am doing, the company is good all as the folks I work for & with.  On a personal note my pug Maggie seems to be getting worse everyday. She really can’t walk but a few steps now, and then she has to sit down. The steroids she is on really doesn’t seem to have any effect on her anymore. With every move she makes she sounds like it’s’ a struggle and painful.  When either my husband or I pick her up we can feel the brittleness of her bones and she makes this unpleasant sound of like it’s a bit unbearable.  She still has a healthy appetite, but that could be the steroids.  Tomorrow I will have to make a call to our vet to do a check on her.  Breaks my heart to see and sense how miserable she is.  Not much occuring post work,  we seem to be falling back into old habits of nothingness.  Looking forward to tomorrow night,  I start bowling in a league. This is new, never league bowled before, and haven’t bowled in over 6 years.
~Journey On